Jane and Rachael debate whether to buy some slippers in a shop on Narodni.

Its a sad truth that we enjoy shopping as much as sightseeing and over the years we have picked up a number of great items as well as a number of bargains.

Much depends on what you are looking for and the tourist shops around the Old Town Square are not particularly cheap. However if you are prepared to nose around and explore you’ll find there’s a lot of inviting shops tucked away in odd corners.

We particularly enjoy the arcades that run up and down the sides of Wenceslas Square and the market stalls too are always worth a visit. Sometimes you just have to trust to luck. Visiting the Castle we got a superb limited edition panoramic photograph of Prague covered in snow from the Leica Gallery which is in the castle grounds. The photo was on a back wall in a small out of the way room, along with a number of other panoramic pictures. Unfortunately we only bought one. Its now on our wall at home and everyone who sees it remarks on what a great photograph it is. When we went back later in the year all the rest had of course been sold and the Leica gallery has now gone too!

In recent years Prague has been catching up with all the other capital cities and there have been a number of shopping developments, the most recent of which ‘The Palladium’ has only just been opened (October 2008)