There are a number of restaurants that we seem to visit every time we go to Prague, they may not be the best or the most fashionable, but they are places we always feel at home in and where we always get good food and value for money.

Obviously we recommend the Restaurance Stoleti, partly because its a family concern, but also because it’s a good restaurant. Others are places we’ve tried and liked. Some we go to mainly for lunch, others because they have a good atmosphere in the evening and some because we think there’s something special or different about them.

Most of the restaurants are in Praha 1, but some like Pizzaria Corleone in Smichov (Praha 5) are further afield.

These are very personal views and you should be aware that whenever we have visited these restaurants we have had Rachael and Richard with us. It also means that there are a number of restaurants more suited to adults that we have not been to and therefore can’t comment on. It should be noted that you do not see Czech children dining in the restaurants and it is unusual to find a children’s menu. Foreign children who visit seem to have their meals in the ubiquitous multi-national restaurant chains like McDonalds or KFC. (Though I must admit we often have a McDonald’s breakfast at the start of the day!)

The days of walking into these restaurants and finding an empty table are gone! We tell everyone to book, especially for the new Kogo, the Ambiente Brasileiro and the Cuban. (We never take our own advice and on a recent visit even Karel couldn’t get us a seat at the Brasileiro and though he got us into Rudy Barons, he couldn’t get a seat for himself!)