Norm, Jane, Rachael and Richard

Prague 2000



Wenceslas Square

Vaclavske namesti

Old Town Square

Staromestske namesti

Charles Bridge

Karlov Most

Legions Bridge

Most Legii

Prague Castle

Prazsky Hrad


Brief History

The story of how Keith met Karel would take too long to recap here, suffice it to say that the end result was Keith’s involvement in the Restaurace Stoleti. Later Keith’s love affair with Prague would persuade him to get married there!

In March 2000 our whole family packed the pies and went to Prague for Keith and Bev’s wedding. Since then we’ve been numerous times, trying different restaurants, apartments and hotels. Friends visiting this wonderful city have asked us for advice and tips on where to stay and eat and this website represents some of the things we pass on. (Hopefully it will also save us lots of emailing and printing off!)

The information is as up to date as we can make it, but we find that Prague changes every time we visit. There is nothing worse than looking for a favourite cafe or shop only to find it’s disappeared! Times change and Prague is quickly catching up with the rest of the European Union, lets hope the prices never do.

Like many web sites this is a labour of love on my part and it desperately needs a great deal of revision. Just looking at the picture on this page reminds me of how much I need to do! The guestbook doesn’t seem to want to work and somewhere along the line I need to learn how to do this properly!

We hope you find this site useful and if you visit Praha, we hope you enjoy yourselves there as much as we do.

December 2007


So much for updating the site! Just back from watching Bidnici at the Goya Theatre in Prague. Enjoyable weekend, though cold (-6) I was disappointed with the Christmas markets, but thought the new Paladium shopping centre was very good..