Hotel Waldstein 2001

There are a vast number of hotels and apartments in Prague 1 and the surrounding districts. Most places seem to be at least satisfactory and even the basic accommodation is usually clean and welcoming. The price often depends on location rather than quality.

We have always tried to stay in Prague 1, mainly because everything is within walking distance and when you leave that bar or restaurant in the early hours, you’ve only got a 10 minute walk rather than a metro journey. If you like shopping like us, its also handy to drop things off or take a break half way through the day, so our own preference is usually somewhere near Wenceslas Square. Other people may prefer to be on the other side of the river or further out in Prague 2 or Prague 5.

When we first went to Prague for Keith and Bev’s wedding in March 2000, the whole family stayed at The Ambassador. Since then we have stayed in a number of different apartments and hotels.

Friends have stayed in various places too, ranging from expensive to very cheap, so here is a rough guide to the places we can comment on. I’ve also given links to the main web sites that we use to find accommodation. Its sometimes worth giving the hotels a ring to see if you can get a discounted rate.

In December 2005 we stayed in Prague 5. The apartment was really nice but having to walk 20 minutes to get to a metro station or across the Most Legii Bridge was a pain. (It was actually wonderful on our first night because it snowed, but by the next evening it had turned to slush.) Since then we have rented apartments in Vodikova, which is the street with the tramlines as you walk up Wenceslas Square. This is very handy for everywhere and is right next to tram stops and Metro links, but it must be admitted that Wenceslas Square is not always the pleasantest of places at night.